Boat Rentals

Blue Wave Boat Rentals - (242)-825-9589 or

Cat’s Paw Boat Rentals -

Conch Pearl Boat Rentals - (242) 577-5277

Elbow Cay Boat Rentals - (242) 357-6775

Island Marine Boat Rentals - (242) 808-4615

Barefoot Boat Rentals


Golf Cart Rentals

Lighthouse Golf Cart Rentals – (242)-475-0218

Elbow Cay Cart Rentals - (242) 475-3882 or (242) 814-8120

Get-A-Way Cart Rentals – (242)-477-5201 or 615-631-1866

Hope Town Cart Rentals - (242) 458-0442

Island Cart Rentals - (242) -366-0448 or 561-208-8160

Low Cay Cart Rentals - 1-242-805-6400 or 1-242-475-2377 

Big Hill Cart Rentals 1242-823-9420 email


Bicycle Rentals

Hope Town Canvas/The Bike Shop (no phone) –

A & S Bikes & Paddleboards  1242-823-9420 Email


Fishing Guides and Charters

Hope Town Boat Charters – Fishing & Tour Guide Services is available at (242) 577-7309 or

Local Boy Fishing Charters is up and running. Visit their Facebook page for updates and more information.

Stafford Patterson -Captain Plug’s Adventures. 242-366-0554 (Home)

Robert Lowe/Seagull Charters Is available at (242) 475-3143. For more information, visit his Facebook page or visit or

Ira Key Island hopping and snorkel trips 1242-458-8521


Bonefishing guide Capt. Buddy Pinder is available for fishing trips to the Marls of Abaco National Park and East Abaco Creeks National Park He can be reached at (242) 242-577-7612.

Bonefishing guide Capt. Justin Sands is available at (242) 359-6890.

Capt. Danny Sawyer, bonefishing guide is available at (242) 477-5901.

Captain Samuel McIntosh offers half- and full-day tours for fishing, island hopping, picnics, snorkeling and more. Call (242) 475-2357 for information and to make a booking.

Sea Vibes is available for a variety of island hopping trips and fishing adventures. Book now by emailing or calling (242) 577-4394.

Jason McIntosh is available to customize a fishing day or tour specific to your needs. Call (242) 458-6276 or email

Reel Serious Charters is ready to customize a fishing or sightseeing excursion for you. Visit their Facebook page for additional info.

Abaco Flyfish Connection & Charters is available for bonefishing, light tackle reef fishing and other charters. Contact Captain Rick at

 Brian Symonette is available for island hopping, fishing, snorkeling etc.  Contact Captain Brian at 1-242-577-4946 



Michelle Russell – 1-242-565-6588

Cara N. Gibson - 1-242-427-9461


Baby Gear and Beach Gear :

Time to Relax Concierge –


Paddleboard, Surfboard and Kayak Rentals:

Jack Joesph - A & S Bikes & Paddleboards  1242-823-9420 Email

Brittany and Mary - 1-242-458-5526 or 1-242-533-6117 Email:



Time to Relax Concierge -

Allison Albury –

Private Chef:

Carlton Lebron – 1-242-422-3966

Mackey’s Takeout – 1-242-821-1052 (Uses Whatsapp)

Baked Goods:

Tiffanys Treats – 1-242-554-9830 (Whatsapp only), Instagram :@tiffanystreats20 Facebook : Tiffany’s Treats

Sea Biscuit Bakery – 1-242-804-1517 (Uses whatsapp) Facebook: Sea Biscuit Bakery and Co Insta: @seabiscuitbakeryandco

Lubbers Bakery - 1-242-556-4750 (Uses Whatsapp) Facebook: Lubbers Bakery