Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to Elbow Cay?

Elbow Cay is just a hop, skip and a jump from the coast of Florida. Book a flight to Marsh Harbour (MHH), from Florida or Nassau. After arriving, a taxi will whisk you to the ferry crossing where you can sit back and enjoy the scenic 20-minute ride across the Sea of Abaco to Elbow Cay – often with dolphins gliding alongside. If you have any questions, we will be happy to help. Scroll down for detailed transportation information and links.

Fly from Florida in less than 90 minutes.

Major US airlines offering flights to Marsh Harbour include:

American Airlines

United/Silver Airlines

Other airlines offering flights to Marsh Harbour:

Air Gate Aviation 


Cherokee Air

Sky Bahamas 

Air Unlimited 

Fly from Nassau, Bahamas in less than 60 minutes

Daily flights to Marsh Harbour are offered on:




Once you have your baggage, just hail a taxi outside the airport and tell the driver you want to go to the ferry terminal. The ride is about 20minutes and costs around $20 (US dollars are accepted throughout the Bahamas).


Ferry Companies

Albury's Ferry - book directly online and use the coupon code “ECP10” at checkout to get a 10% discount. 

G&L Transportation Email: Phone:242-359-6208 or 242-577-0611


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How do I arrive on my own boat?

To enter The Islands Of The Bahamas, private vessels need the following:

a) One (1) copy of The Bahamas Customs Clearance Form PDF

b) One (1) Bahamas Immigration Card per person

c) Proof of Citizenship—Passport

Arriving By Boat

Visiting boaters must clear Customs and Immigration at the nearest designated Port of Entry.

As you enter each port, fly the yellow quarantine flag and notify Customs of your arrival.

Only the captain is permitted to leave the boat until your vessel has been cleared.

Customs and Immigration officials will come to your vessel. Everyone on board must have proof of citizenship and fill out an immigration card. US citizens must present a passport. Before leaving The Islands Of The Bahamas, be sure to surrender your copy of the immigration card at the last Bahamian port you visit.

If you have a firearm on board (shotguns and handguns only) you must declare it with Bahamian Customs. You must provide the serial number, name of the manufacturer, plus an exact count of ammunition. While you are allowed to have a firearm on your boat, you cannot remove it. Weapons must be under lock and key at all times. In cases of emergencies, which require your departure by air, you must notify Bahamian Police or Customs. They will accompany you to retrieve the firearm and present you with a receipt. Upon your return to the island, Bahamian Police or Customs will escort you to your vessel and return your firearm. Any infraction of this law will be dealt with severely.

Entry Fees

All boaters entering The Bahamas are required to pay an entry fee.

a) For boats up to 35', the fee is $150.00

b) For boats over 35', the fee is $300.00

Fees Subject To Change

The fees will cover:

1) Cruising Permit

2) Fishing Permit

3) Departure Tax for up to three (3) persons.

Each additional person above three will be charged a $25 departure tax.

This fee is good for a second re-entry within a 90-day period.

If you plan to stay longer than 12 months, special arrangements must be made with Bahamas Customs and Immigration. Bahamas Customs and Immigration office hours are from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays.

Officers are on call during holidays and weekends.

There is no overtime charge.

Entry Formalities

Arriving by Air/Returning by Boat

Travelers are advised to purchase return tickets (and seek reimbursement upon returning home for the unused ticket) even when they are confirmed to return via private boat. However, if the traveler arrives at Bahamas Immigration on a single ticket, the owner/operator of the boat must present himself/herself and the vessel's cruising permit.

A copy of the cruising permit will be permitted for crew members who may be arriving by plane and returning by boat as their names will appear on the manifest. A letter will not suffice.

Upon your arrival to The Bahamas, you will be asked to fill out an Immigration Arrival/Departure Card, which you will keep until your departure. All visitors are required to be in possession of a return ticket.

US Citizens

A valid passport is required. A visa is required for stays exceeding eight months.

US Residents (non-citizens)

An Alien Registration Card (Green Card) AND a valid passport from their country of citizenship are required.

For visits EXCEEDING 30 days, a valid passport AND a Bahamas visa are required.

Canadian Citizens

A valid passport is required for proof of citizenship. Voter registration cards, birth certificates and photo identifications are no longer accepted as proof of citizenship.

A Bahamas visa is required for stays exceeding three months.

United Kingdom Citizens

Citizens of the United Kingdom and colonies require a valid passport.

A visa is required for stays exceeding eight months.

Exiting Policies

When a private vessel arrives at a port of call in the United States, the Master or Captain of the vessel must report their arrival immediately upon first landfall to US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) by calling the following toll free number or visiting the following website:

•    1.800.432.1216     or

The Captain will be directed to the nearest Port of Entry and must physically present him/herself and their passengers for admission to the US.

Please visit for admission requirements.

When you call for clearance, have the following information available:

1) Vessel name and registration/document number

2) Vessel owner name and citizenship

3) Vessel commander/master name, date of birth and citizenship

4) Passengers' names and dates of birth

5) Foreign ports or places visited and duration of stay

6) Total value of all acquisitions and purchases made


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How do I arrive by rental boat?

When departing Marsh Harbour please radio Elbow Cay Properties or your specific caretaker on channel 16 and they will guide you into the property.


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What payment methods do you accept?

Payments can be made by Visa, MasterCard, cashier’s cheque or wire transfer.


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Where can I rent a boat?

We advise you to book your boat rentals, if needed, as soon as possible to avoid any disappointment. 

Abaco Dorado – 242-367-1035 -

Blue WaveBoat Rentals –  242-367-3910 -

Cat’s Paw Boat Rentals – 242-366-0380 -

Conch Pearl Rentals –  242-365-6502 -

Island Marine – 242-366-0282 -

Rainbow Rentals – 242-367-4602 -

Sea Horse Marine –  242- 366-0023 -

Waterways Rentals – 242- 365-6143 -                                                                         

Elbow Cay Boat Rentals – (242) 577-1210 / (242) 357-6775                            


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Where do I rent a golf cart?

We advise you to book your golf cart and/or boat rentals, if needed, as soon as possible to avoid any disappointment.

Island Cart Rentals Phone: 242-366-0448

Hope Town Cart Rentals Phone: 242-366-0064

Lighthouse Cart Rentals 242-366-0243 or 242-475-0218

T&N Carts Phone: 242-366-0069

Getaway Carts Phone: 242-366-0200

Junior’s Cart Rentals Phone: 242-699-3799

Elbow Cay Cart Rentals Phone: 242-366-0530



Please note that only three companies rent to houses on the North End of the island, T&N Cart Rentals, Elbow Cay Cart Rentals & Lighthouse Cart Rentals. Hope Town District Council does not allow traffic through the settlement. If you are staying on the North End, your cart must remain on the North End and cannot be driven through the settlement. If you are staying in town or on the South End, your cart must remain south of the settlement. Please don’t let this be a deterrent! Our town is only the size of a small shopping mall and is very easy to walk. Plus, all the restaurants on the South End of the island offer complimentary shuttle services.


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Are pets allowed?

Many of our properties are pet-friendly but individual pet policies vary by property.


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What household items will be provided at my rental?

All properties are equipped with linens, towels, an initial supply of toilet paper, paper towels, garbage bags, hand soap. Basic kitchen equipment including dishes, glasses, utensils, pots & pans are provided at every property.

For umbrellas, beach chairs, and cooler rentals please contact Elise at Sandy Beach Gear Rentals:

For baby gear and beach rentals please contact Tina at Tiny Travelers: 


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What is your cancellation policy?

If you cancel more than 90 days prior to arrival, you will receive a refund less 5% of the total rental. If you cancel less than 90 days before arrival, there are absolutely no refunds unless we can re-rent the house for those same dates; there is a minimum of a 5% cancellation fee. Your rental is non-refundable during the two weeks before and after Christmas and Easter, regardless of your cancellation date, unless we re-rent the house. Again, there is a minimum of a 5% cancellation fee.

If there is a storm traveling, and the Bahamas goes under a hurricane warning, you will be able to rebook your stay, valid for a full calendar year. If you are here, and the Bahamas goes under a hurricane warning, we will ask you to return home and will refund you only unused nights.


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Do I have to pay in full at the time of booking?

All rentals booked within 90 days of your stay must be paid in full at the time of booking. Bookings made more than 90 days prior to your arrival will require a 50% deposit and the remaining balance will be due 90 days prior to your arrival. 


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Do the listed rates include Value Added Tax?

All rates listed include 12 % Value Added Tax. Some properties may have additional ancillary fees (such as a pet fee, or kayak or paddleboard rental fee).


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Will the house be professionally cleaned before I arrive?

Yes. The property will be cleaned and prepared for your arrival. All beds will be made with fresh linens and all towels will be freshly laundered.


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Can I rent a home for one night?

We do not handle single night stays. All of our properties have a minimum stay of 3 nights, but individual policies vary by property.


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What services are offered on Elbow Cay?

At Elbow Cay Properties, we want to make sure you love our island as much as we do. From directing you to the best beaches or recommending day trips for your family, we’re here to help.

Laundry Service                                                                                                                                                   

There are 2 commercial washer/dryers at Hope Town Canvas. One load (wash and dry including soap/softener) is $12.00. You're responsible for switching loads between washer and dryer and folding.

Tiffany Cleaners offers a pick up/wash/dry/drop off service. Please contact 242-359-6991 to arrange.

Special Events

Hope Town is a great place for a family reunion, birthday or other special events. If you’re planning a destination wedding, the island offers gorgeous photo opportunities. The local restaurants can easily handle your reception, and your guests will have plenty to do while they’re here.

Massage Services

Although there is no formal spa on Elbow Cay, we can recommend a personal masseuse to come to your home.

Personal Chef

If cooking isn’t your thing, we can recommend a chef to come to your home to prepare a special meal.

Housekeeping Services

Don’t want to do housework on your vacation? We can arrange for a maid to take the cleaning off your hands. Just let us know before you arrive.  

Guided Day Trips

Guides are available to take you fishing, kayaking or swimming in nearby protected reefs full of tropical fish. Take a trip up to “Piggyville” and swim with wild pigs. Hop over to Guana Cay and check out world-famous Nipper’s Beach Bar.

 Book a trip with Albury's Ferry and use the coupon code “ECP10” at checkout to get a 10% discount. 

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What restaurants and bars do you recommend?

Nightlife in Hope Town can be whatever you want it to be. If your idea of a good time is a moonlit stroll down a white sandy beach, you have plenty of choices.  Otherwise, you can head into town for drinks and dinner.


•    Cap’n Jack’s

Bahamian specialities, popular watering hole, the place to be on a Friday night

•    Harbour’s Edge

Harbour-side dining, fresh local specialities, the place to be on a Saturday night, often features live music

•    Wine Down Sip Sip

Relax with wine, flatbread & catch up on the local “sip sip” (gossip)

•    Hope Town Coffee House

Great coffee and locally made baked goods

•    Firefly Bar & Grill

A southern take on traditional Bahamian fare, excellent sunsets, & even better cocktails

•    The Reef Poolside Bar & Grill at the Hope Town Harbour Lodge

Breakfast, lunch and all-day happy hour overlooking one of the best snorkelling reefs on the island

•    Hope Town Harbour Lodge

Fine dining in Hope Town’s most formal location

•    Abaco Inn

Delicious Bahamian cuisine accompanied by views of both the Atlantic & Sea of Abaco

•    On Da Beach at Turtle Hill

Perfect spot for a casual bite to eat

•    Cracker P’s Bar and Grill (Lubber's Quarters, boat required)

Stop by if you’re out boating for delicious local fare (we suggest the fish dip!)

•    The Sweet Shop

White Sound’s coffee shop and bakery, (and ice cream too!)

•    Munchies – 242-366-0423

Bahamian takeaway food – kids love this place!

•    Hope Town Inn and Marina

Swim-up pool bar and al fresco dining


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Is there a company that would deliver food and beverages to my house before arrival?

Yes! Sun Up Sun Down has got you covered!

-Grocery Shopping

-Order pies/cakes/pastries/homemade bread


-Want to meet a meal at our property when you arrive? We can order takeout from one of the many restaurants on the island.

-Want to arrange a private chef one night at home instead of going out to eat?

Everything will be put away in your rental property for when you arrive!